How Can Lighting Make Your Space Look Bigger?

  How Lighting Can Create the Illusion of Space Your choice and application of lighting can help you to create the illusion of space in your new-build. Here’s how: Install Pendant Lights in Smaller Rooms While pendant lights may seem slightly outdated in an age of spotlights, they serve a..

Top Personalised Valentines gifts: framed pictures

Choosing the perfect valentine’s day present for your loved one is not always easy, in fact, it can be rather difficult to think of a special and unique gift. This is especially true for couples who have been together for years and have already exhausted their list of good valentine’s..

Decorating mistakes that will make your apartment look smaller

Living in an apartment or a smaller home can often be quite tricky, especially when it comes to decorating. The décor of a room not only sets it tone and reflects your personality, but it can also be deceptive and can create the illusion that the apartment is bigger than..

6 practical tips to declutter your kitchen

You know it is time to de-clutter your kitchen when you open a cupboard door and find yourself being showered with tins of food and jars of herbs, or even worse, sharp and/or heavy cooking utensils. But getting motivated to start the de-cluttering process can be a job in itself,..

10 top tips for cleaning your bathroom mirror until its sparkling clean

Bathroom mirrors are certainly put to work. Every morning brush of the teeth, evening wipe of makeup remover and all those trips in-between make them the most relied upon mirrors in our homes. And there’s nothing worse than a dirty bathroom mirror. So, it makes sense to invest a bit..

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How to choose the perfect bathroom mirror

Offering the first glimpse we get of ourselves in the morning and the last before we go to bed, the humble bathroom mirror must also fit in with the room’s overall decor whilst not taking up too much space. It’s a tricky balancing act. Mirrors don’t always have to be..

7 unusual ways to decorate with mirrors

Mirrors are magical. They reflect light, give a greater sense of space and can bring practically any dull wall to life. There is, however, an awful lot more you can do with them if you want to get creative with your interior decor. Hanging a mirror in the middle of..

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How to transform your apartment with pictures and mirrors

Apartments can present something of a challenge for interior designers. Not always endowed with the kind of space and room configuration found in traditional houses, apartments require clever use of fixtures and design in order to transform the space available...

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Christmas Mirrors

It seems there isn’t a single consumer item that can’t be altered to be more festive. Once we have invented reindeer antlers for cars, we’ve officially reached our limits as a species! Within your home, you likely already have your Christmas tree, fireplace, and wall decoration plans down. But the..

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Mirrors make the world a safer place

You may not think of mirrors as a safety device, but almost every day you are using them in some form or another to help you see the world better. Kings Heath Mirrors might be more accustomed to household mirrors designed only to show you your reflection, there are many..