At Kings Heath Mirrors we stock some of the most unique and innovative bathroom lighting solutions in Birmingham. All of our lighting options are made to the highest quality and using the most suitable materials.
We have a full range of stylish light fixtures in stock in a variety of designs and we certainly have something to compliment your bathroom suite. If your bathroom doesn’t get much natural light and is quite a dark room in your house, we can help to solve this for you. Our lighting solutions aren’t just available in the more standard but still stunning, single bulb and flush design, but we also provide more elaborate, stylish and unique designs such as four or even five bulb options, which will certainly bring some light into that dark room of yours.
Making sure you have the most suitable lighting for your room is essential, particularly in rooms such as the bathroom where lots of condensation form and could build up inside the light fitting. If this should happen it could cause the light to short circuit and blow, or maybe even make the light bulb itself, shatter. Electricity and water are never a good combination, so when you are looking for a new bathroom lighting solution, choose something that is designed for use in a bathroom.
To talk about your bathroom lighting solutions or for a free, no obligation quote, contact one of our friendly and helpful professionals now.

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