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Outdoor Lighting Suppliers in Birmingham

Here and Kings Heath Mirrors and Lighting we believe that outdoor lighting is really important especially when sitting in the garden with friends and family.
The potential of outdoor lighting is often overlooked. And that’s a shame, because it is one of the most impressive and useful additions anyone can make to their home decor of business premises.

At Kings Heath Mirrors and Lighting, we believe that outdoor lighting is especially important. Come the summer months, it means we can all spend longer outside, enjoying warm nights with friends and family.Having adequate lighting suitable for outdoor use can really transform any garden or outdoor space. With a stunning range of outdoor lighting products suited to a wide range of requirements, Kings Heath Mirrors and Lighting will always ensure we find the right solution for you.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call regarding any of our outdoor lighting products or, alternatively, come and visit our showroom in Birmingham where we will be more than happy to impart our considerable knowledge.

 Why invest in outdoor lighting?

We think there are three reasons our outdoor lighting Birmingham showrooms have become so popular:

  • Practicality and safety. If you’ve ever stumbled around your back garden after sunset looking for the dog’s ball, you’ll know how useful it would be to have a little light to guide your way. It’ll stop you falling and hurting yourself, too.
  • A dark garden can be a haven for thieves, which is why lighting has become such an important security feature for homes and businesses.
  • Lighting is a brilliant way to (literally) brighten up your garden or outdoor space and can add a touch of glamour to what might otherwise be a nondescript back yard.

 People often shirk outdoor lighting in the belief that it is expensive and complicated to implement, but we’ve got some good news: it doesn’t have to be, and by investing properly in it, you can benefit from all of the aspects above.


Outdoor lighting at home

Sometimes, you need a little lighting outside, and the team at Kings Heath have been supplying outdoor lighting to Birmingham home owners for many years.

By adding lights to your front or back garden, yard or patio, you can create a fantastic, cosy atmosphere for those long summer months and add a comforting degree of security to your home.

The lighting we supply can be used in all manner of locations. Some examples of the outdoor lighting we stock include:

Outdoor wall lights

  • LED post lights
  • Garden spike lights
  • Glass lamp post lights
  • Lanterns

Don’t hesitate to give our experienced team a call on 0121 443 5652 to discuss your outdoor lighting requirements.

 Commercial uses for outdoor lighting

When a business closes for the evening, there’s no need to turn all of the lights off. Saving energy by switching off those situated in the office will certainly mean you’re doing your bit for the planet, but by investing in outdoor lighting, you’ll ensure the business continues to shine brightly even after the last employee has shut the door.

Outdoor lighting for businesses can bring commercial buildings to life at night and increase security considerably while everyone is offsite.

Call our team today on 0121 443 5652 to discuss your lighting requirements.

 Why choose Kings Heath Mirrors and Lighting?

Kings Heath Mirrors and Lighting have long been suppliers of outdoor lighting Birmingham businesses and residential consumers have relied upon to provide the latest designs, best brands and most reliable advice for anything relating to lighting gardens, grounds and outdoor spaces.

We remain a family-owned and run business that boasts 25 years experience working with both residential and commercial clients. No matter your requirements, please do not hesitate to give our experienced team a call today on 0121 443 5652.