Glass Cutting

Glass Cutting and Toughened Glass Specialists

Kings Heath Mirrors are a local specialist with over 30 years experience in mirror cutting and manufacturing bespoke mirrors for a wide range of businesses that include pubs, restaurants and dance studios.

Known for precise attention to detail and unbeatable pricing, Kings Heath Mirrors has also become the go-to mirror cutting service for local residential customers.

With a workshop situated in the heart of Birmingham, all mirror cutting is carried out in-house by a deeply experienced team and can be completed on the same day, while you wait.

No size is too big nor a shape too unusual for Kings Heath Mirrors. Contact us today for a personalised quote.


All glass cutting performed on site

All mirrors and other glass items are cut on-site by our specialists who benefits from many years of collective experience. Our team is trained in the latest glass cutting techniques and are only provided with the best tools for the job.

No middlemen

Because we perform all glass cutting on-site within our own workshop, there are no middlemen to account for and no surprises when it comes to our fees. We can even offer a fitting service – again, without any assistance from third parties. One team, one fair price.

Ultra-fast turnaround

Need glass cutting in a hurry? Depending on what you need and the availability of materials, we can usually cut glass while you wait. If same-day service isn’t possible, you can still be assured of a fast and high-quality glass cut service from Kings Heath Mirrors in Birmingham. We can often complete jobs on the very same day. Our team works quickly and safely, which means you can enter our Birmingham workshop and leave a short while later with your perfectly cut glass. Turnaround times at Kings Heath Mirrors are always as fast as they should be.

Glass cut to any size

We can cut sheets of glass to any size to suit your requirements. Be it a small size for a mini picture frame or something much larger (for example, a dining table or large window). Whatever size you require, there’s a strong chance we can create exactly what you’re looking for.

Residential and commercial

The 30 years we have spent in the trade has given us the opportunity to cut glass for a huge range of clients. Our skilled team is just as at home providing this service for businesses (large and small) as it is for residential clients who simply need glass cut to specification for their home. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, you can be assured of a personable, one-to-one service.

Glass cut to size almost any shape

Sometimes, a simple square or rectangle design isn’t what you need to suit your requirements or application. That’s why we can also cut a wide range of shapes such as circles and ovals. For the more unusual applications, we can even cut entirely bespoke shapes that bring your unique idea to life.

No matter how complicated you feel your design is, please do give us a call. We love to hear from people who have unusual requirements and our friendly team will offer an honest, specialist opinion on what is possible when it comes to bespoke glass cutting.

Tempered glass

Need glass for something heavy-duty or that is likely to take a fair amount of punishment? We can also cut tempered glass which is perfect if you require glass cutting for the following:

• Dining tables
• Window glazing glass
• Glass balustrades

Complete fitting service

Need someone to fit your glass once it has been successfully cut to order? No problem. Whether your require fitting in your home or within a commercial building, the team at Kings Heath Mirrors can provide a complete fitting service for your glass and glazing.

Contact us for pricing and for more information

To find out more about our glass cutting service, please email us or call our team now on 0121 443 5652. We will be happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you might have (we firmly believe there are no daft questions!).

Glass cutting

We are a Birmingham based family specialist glass cutting company that have been doing this work for 3 generations. We have been based in Kings Heath for over 30 years.

  • Glass cut to size while you wait.
  • We offer a wide variety of glass for using for table tops, shelves, internal windows and doors, greenhouse glass and splash backs that can be painted to match your colour.
  • We also supply patterned glass, wired glass and laminated glass.
  • Mirrors made to measure on the same day.
  • We have our own car park at the rear of the business and we also have a parking straight outside. If this isn’t convenient then we can deliver.
  • We supply glass for all customers and our prices are very competitive.
  • We offer a great rate for repeat commercial customers.

Please contact us so we can provide you with a quote or if you have any questions then please call us on 0121 443 5652 and we will try to help you. Please give us a call beforehand if you are in a rush and we can keep in ready for you so that there is no waiting time at all.

Our range of glass that is generally available from clear float glass, tempered glass, toughened glass, low iron glass, mirror glass, patterned glass, wired and laminated glass.

For toughened or tempered glass it can come in range of thicknesses from 4mm upwards. We can provide the glass with a polished or clean cut finish. The glass will have a stamp so you know that it has been through the right process and that we aim to provide the best quality to our customers. This glass is great for shelves and table tops where you will be placing heavy items on there. Also it is the safest option if you have children in your home.

If you need specific shapes then contact us or provide us with a template and we can cut it for you. Our team are specialists and will cut in an array of shapes from general rectangles and squares to slight angles, rounds and even oval. If it isn’t something we do then we will try and help you find a solution that suits you.

We offer a template service for shaped glass if you are not confident taking accurate measurements. We will come to your home, take the measurements and can even deliver the glass too.

Why choose Kings Heath Mirrors and Lighting?

Our many years in service have taught us the importance of being an approachable business in a trade which can, often, be faceless. We pride ourselves in delivering even the most unusual of requests and being honest when something isn’t achievable.

The lack of middlemen and fact that every project we are commissioned to undertake is done so under our own roof means that you can be assured of the best possible craftsmanship, super-fast turnaround and an end product that is safe, durable and which will last for years to come.

We’d love to hear your ideas for glass. Get in touch with our friendly team today by calling 0121 443 5652.

Fast turnaround

Need glass cutting in a hurry? Depending on what you need and availability we can cut glass  while you wait. Same day or not we are sure to provide fast and high quality glass cut services right here in Kings Heath, Birmingham.

Complete fitting service

Need us to fit your glass once it’s been successfully cut to order? No problem! Whether it’s fitting in your home or a commercial building, we can provide complete fitting of your glass and glazing.

Contact us for pricing and for more information

To find out more about our glass cutting services, please email us or call us now on 0121 443 5652
We will be happy to provide you with more info and answer any questions you might have.